Christmas is approaching, and from we want to share the 12 products that, in our opinion, have been the most revolutionary of this 2018 . Ideal for you, or to give this Christmas to your loved ones.

All these products come from a Crowfunding page and have been awarded several prizes.

Here you will find where to buy them at the best price.

Let us begin!

1. XY FIND IT – Find any lost items in seconds

XY Find allows you to find any lost object, within a radius of 100 meters, using Crowd GPS technology. The operation is very simple. Just placing the XY device (which is the size of a coin) in anything you want to protect (keys, wallet, purse, car or even your pet) and with the free App, you will find it in seconds.
The best? It also works otherwise. That is, if you have lost your phone, press the button on your XY to sound the mobile, even if it is in silent mode.

Product presented on CNN, The Huffington Post, Wired and many more!

Find out on their official page:

2. FIXD – Save hundreds of euros on your mechanic bill

Many of us panic when we see that the engine control light of our car is turned on … right? We probably have no idea what it might mean, or how much it will cost to repair it.

Will our car be in danger? Should I take it to the workshop right now? How much will it cost me?

Eliminate that feeling of worry and stress, and find out what happens to your car and how much money it will cost you with this small device. FIXD, connects to the OBD port of your car and sends all the information to your phone through the free App.

More than 1 million FIXD have already been sold in the world!

Watch this video to see how it works on its official website.

3. VIZR – The hologram of the future arrives in your car


With the entry of applications such as Google Maps, more and more drivers are using their mobile phone as GPS. Unfortunately, thousands of drivers have accidents every day , due to the distractions that the phone produces.

Now there is a sure way of not taking your eyes off the road, and check the indications of your mobile at the same time.

Simply put your mobile in the structure, and the indications will be reflected on the transparent screen in the form of a hologram. It is a technology similar to that used by fighter pilots. Thanks to the wide variety of applications, you can control your speed, the map of the streets or weather conditions without taking your eyes off the road.

Learn how it works on the website

4. CrashSafe – The mobile charger that can save your life

Every day, more than 3,000 people lose their lives on the road. In many cases, the accident itself is not the cause of death … It is what happens immediately afterwards. According to experts, drownings, vehicle fires or the very deformation of the metal trap many drivers and passengers to death.

This could be avoided many times, if the drivers had a belt cutter or window breaker at that time.

Crashsafe, is a mobile phone charger that includes 6 essential functions in case of accident. A powerful flashlight or a mobile charge if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere are some of its functions. And most importantly, it will help you escape in the event of an accident. Have it plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter, so it will always be available when you need it!

CrashSafe can save your life. Find out in the official store

5. Peeps – NASA’s solution to dirty glasses!

The feeling of having dirty glasses is very annoying. And many times, the chamois that include us in the optics, do not serve much. This product is designed with the same technology used in the NASA Space Station. Use an invisible carbon component to clean your glasses quickly and safely. Eliminates from fingerprints, dust dirt or even oil.

This lens cleaner uses the safest and most proven technology in the world, and you can clean your glasses up to 500 times!

Discover here.

6. KeySmart – The keychain of the future has arrived

Does your phone’s screen get scratched every time you play with your keys? Tired of those huge key chains full of keys that bother your pants?

Try KeySmart . This durable keychain helps you organize your keys in a simple way, an elegant way to transport up to 15 keys . This fact of plates of 3 millimeters of thickness of aeronautical quality aluminum, reason why its durability is very high.

Fits in any pocket, adjustable to any belt or buckle. You can also include utilities such as USBs or bottle openers.

Find it at the best price here:

7. FlexSafe – Your portable safe Do not steal anymore!

Thieves only need a few seconds to steal a wallet, a mobile or any valuable item. Especially in public spaces such as swimming pools, beaches or parks.

FlexSafe is the winner of the ABC Shark Tank (American reality of product innovation) because of the tranquility it will give both your family and you.

It is a small portable safe that accompanies you wherever you go.

Made with 5 layers of high strength material and an impenetrable corrosion resistant lock , it is designed to last for years. It is resistant to water and cuts.

Store your valuables like phones, watches or wallets in FlexSafe, secure it in any fixed place and enjoy a good quiet bath.

Get your FlexSafe here and forget about the worries!

8. GlowBowl – The air freshener with colored lights

No more “Oops, I failed …”! This device lights up automatically when someone uses the toilet at night. This way you will make sure to aim clearly!

In addition, it gives off a perfume that will make your bathroom smell fresh and pleasant. Kids love it and it’s a super original gift!

Buy your GlowBlowl here

9. ThePhotoStick Mobile – Your photos and videos are now safe!

Do you know that 1 in 3 people lose their photos and videos from their phone? I know why they lose their mobile, they steal it, it breaks … All memories are erased forever.

Do not risk all your special moments. With PhotoStickMobile, you can save more than 30,000 photos and videos, just by connecting it to your mobile. It will create an automatic backup that will also allow you to free space on your device.

Forget about cloud programs and folders to store your memories! It’s easy!

Do not lose your photos anymore. Connect your PhotoStickMobile and secure all your files

10. Vivian Lou – Wear your gala heels without suffering

What happens when a podiatrist, an inventor and a designer of high –heeled shoes come together to eliminate the pain problem when wearing heels? They collectively create the only product on the market that puts an end to that problem, Vivian Lou.

These thin insoles are designed specifically for high-heeled shoes. Not only do they cushion the areas where the weight of the body falls , but help to redistribute the weight to reduce the sensation of fatigue and pain considerably.

They are designed so that they can not be seen, and in addition, their material does not move or fall out of place.

Announced in Good Morning America, USA Today and many other sites!

See how they can change your life here:

11. Dodow – New Tech Is A Sleep-Industry Disruptor

By focusing on the light, you’re forced to focus on something outside your own head. You’re no longer focusing on busy, stressful thoughts that keep you awake. Plus, the light has a mesmerizing effect too, which also makes you sleepy.

Within a few minutes, you’re no longer stressed or anxious. You’re basically forced to stop thinking and just relax – the perfect state to quickly fall asleep.

Buy your Dodow here!

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